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The EurasiaHealth AIDS Knowledge Network (EAKN) is a central clearinghouse of Russian-language HIV/AIDS guidelines and other resources that provide networking and learning opportunities for health professionals in the region. EAKN’s Web site offers information on regional HIV/AIDS projects, funding opportunities, and conferences and houses hundreds of documents and resources that have been translated into Russian and other Eurasian languages. The site also features discussion forums and an HIV/AIDS Community Network that links scientists, community activists, informational resources, government officials, and other experts working on HIV-related projects in the region.
Featured Resources
  • Textbook of Pediatric HIV Care by S. Zeichner and J. Read. This comprehensive textbook provides the definitive account of effective care for pediatric HIV patients. more>>>
  • Clinical Aspects of HIV Infection by J Bartlett, G. Gallant. This book is recommended to physicians and other healthcare workers. It focuses on care and treatment of HIV-infected. more>>>
  • HIV Medicine 2005 by C. Hoffmann, J. K. Rocktroh, and B. S. Kamps. This comprehensive book is recommended for practicing healthcare workers from various specialties and for instructors at medical institutions of higher learning and advanced training faculties, as well as for all those providing health care to people living with HIV/AIDS. more>>>
  • The Pocket Guide to Adult HIV/AIDS Treatment: January 2006 by J. Bartlett. A quick reference for antiretroviral drugs, antiretroviral therapy, opportunistic infections, and related issues. more>>>
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